A hidden treasure

Hi, my name is Aryana. My brother Demian and I have this amazing father who is an exceptionally talented artist. Our father Fernando Lobo creates art on a daily basis. His artwork is a true treasure that needs to be shown to the world. So here we are! Enjoy our story, but most of all... Enjoy this awesome hardcover Art Book ORIGINS to remind you, inspire you and amaze you, it was only waiting for us to begin creating it!

Once I asked my father: what is art for you? His answer was: - Everything that is created and reminds us of our true ORIGINS. Well, for me that’s true! I believe what my father draws to be cosmic memories of our true ORIGINS. And not only his drawings, all of his art. Knowing this, I made it my mission to get his work known to the world.
I was assigned to one of the twelve areas, where the first dolphins and whale-like creatures invited me to come and play with them in the water. The moon was shining… I almost felt at Home again…

Ilse Wanten

Hardcover Art Book ORIGINS

The ORIGINS Art Book will be a hardcover coffeetable book. Each spread will show a drawing by Fernando Lobo with words written by Ilse Wanten.

All drawings shown in the book were created in Moleskine notebooks. The drawings are shown full size, nothing was scaled. My father uses ink straight on the paper. No sketches were made and there are no ideas beforehand. It simply 'appears' when his pen touches the paper.

  • Size: 23 x 23 cm
  • Matt laminated hardcover
  • 144 pages printed on Arctic Volume High White 1.1 - FSC paper 130 grams
  • 66 drawings
  • Texts are written in English
The Earth, like every living organism, has an energy body that circulates the Flow of Life. In addition to an energetic Heart Center, the Earth also has a Spine!

Ilse Wanten

About the author Ilse Wanten

Ilse Wanten (1973) has chosen to be present on Earth in a physical body in this turbulent Apocalytic/Revelation time. As a child, she was already strongly aware of worlds that others could not perceive and she had experiences with her companions, other Selves and guides from various Star People. After that, her special gift was suppressed for a long time because she had nowhere to turn to at the time. It was only when she radically chose for an artistic life (actress, dancer, singer) that it started blossoming again. Today, in the year 2022, two books later and an entire compilation of articles, blogs and songs, her message has never been more clear. We live in a Multi-Verse of exceptional beauty.
On that Great Day, I found myself in the middle of what felt as the most impressive arena. You see, the Ancients did not leave our ships because of the high frequency of their Lightbodies.

Ilse Wanten
Specific structures worldwide received an energetic counterpoint in the form of a Crystalline Pyramid. The Field they would evoke together, in turn, supported the Spinal Column of our living planet.

Ilse Wanten

Origin of ORIGINS

When I made a selection of my fathers work in order to participate in a collective art show in Antwerp, I realised these drawings belonged in an Art Book. As soon as the exhibition had started I began creating ORIGINS.

All the drawings for ORIGINS were made on Moleskine notebooks. Last time I visited my father I brought home 10kg’s worth of notebooks in my backpack, leaving the covers behind to save weight. I scanned all drawings from the collective art show, adjusting them to design an aesthetic black and white collection for the book.

When I visualize the future I dream that this will be the first in a series of many books. My father has been creating art as long as he has been able to hold a pen... So we have an archive to source from. His work is too important to remain stacked away in his house. So if you are a fan, subscribe to the newsletter below and be a part of this huge dream of ours and enjoy the beautiful work he creates.
On the morning of my new mission, I awoke on a branch of the Tree of Life. The Radiant Golden-Blue Lady, Priestess of the Sun, had awakened me. Silently I followed her over water and mountains. We also jumped forward in time quite a bit. Then She helped me ascend into Heaven and I had an audience with the 10th Wind.

Ilse Wanten