About Fernando Lobo

Born on march 20th in 1956 Faro, Portugal he grew up at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Ever since he could hold a pencil, he has been creating. When he was 18 he went to the art Academy in Lisbon but after a year, in 1974 the Carnation Revolution came and he had to discontinue his studies. In 1986 he moved to the Netherlands where he lived for 33 years. In 2019 he moved back to his roots, the south of Portugal where he spends his days contemplating and drawing. You can consider his works as a mix of abstraction, warm playfulness and movement. His life is to create… in all the colors the sun here has to offer.

Aryana: "I asked my father a while back: how would you describe Art, what Is Art for you?" He replied with: everything that’s created and reminds us of our true origin. I believe that for 100%. Because that’s what his work did to me! When I started to understand and learn how the world we live in operates and what is our true origin I realized that all these stories we are told could never be captured by images. But my father creates them! I suddenly understood his Art. And that became even more of my fuel to make his work known over the world.

Image by: © danielpina
My name is Aryana and I made this website to showcase and sell my fathers artwork. I think everybody should be able to see his work. It’s beyond phenomenal.

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